Friday, May 22, 2009

May 22, 2009

I like to run the smaller marathons because there is a friendly small town feel. The Pocono Run for the Red Marathon in rustic and rural Stroudsburg, Pa, offered this. There was a Starbucks in Stoudsburg too!

When I was running Pocono Marathon I remembered family vacations here 40 years ago .... seems like a lifetime and what a different life it turned out to be than what was expected .... you just can't plan for NF. Take each day as it comes knowing you laugh, love, learn .... "show up"

My music is always in my head as I play my "tapes" keeping it up tempo during a marathon and thankfully I had my hearing in the 60's to remember the Oldies but Goodies .... think Motown here

But I also get pumped by reading comments from other team members and we have had some great ones lately ... its all about the "be the change you wish to see in the world"

One day when I was training on a treadmill the Kentucky Derby was on the TV screen. During the derby event I pumped up the speed to get to a 7.5 minute mile (very fast for me) .... ha ha I like to think I'm a thoroughbred

In 4 weeks I am looking forward to the Seattle R'n'R Marathon (my # 35): rain or shine but hopefuly shine!

Some days I really feel the "loss" of my hearing loss but in the process I've found out that at heart God made me to be a distnace runner and I value the spirit of endurance

Thursday, April 30, 2009

recap of Boston

Here with Google map is a recap of my Boston Marathon Run showing my famous cheerleading team:

Special thanks to my Brother Walter and his family. I will be seeing them next at the Mt. Desert Island Marathon in beautiful Maine.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Running with the NF Endurance Team - April 2009

I like to run because the effort it takes to run a marathon in some extraordinary way represents my dedication and commitment to finding treatments and a cure for NF, and perhaps it’s now the best way I express my personality, hopes, and goals.

When I was running years ago I thought I needed speed - to run fast, but that was for the expectation of others. Now I run my own race and it feels like both a celebration and a vacation (I start slow and taper off). Time does not tell my story but the spirit of endurance does.

My music is in my head ha ha …. it’s called playing tapes and I usually have about 10 tunes during a marathon (I run “deaf”)

But I also get pumped by reading comments from other team members and here is a good one:
“I am so honored to be the team captain for the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon!! The NF Endurance Team has become my strength when I needed it the most. Being a part of this team has given me back the control I lost when my daughter Madison was diagnosed with NF. When I began my journey with the team, only one year ago, I never imagined how running 26.2 miles could change my life.”

One day after I had finished 6 marathons in one year (in 2006) I thought why not go for 50 and use that accomplishment to raise more money? So, I am on this journey .....

In May I am running Pocono Run for the Red Marathon .... its an easier marathon and its scenic

Some days I feel quite amazed at the unpredictability of life …. where it has lead me in a rather unusual way and then I become grateful for the power of prayer and the gift of running

A good running quote: …. that searching your soul and pounding your soles are somewhat synonymous

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day One with my blogging

Well, here goes. Joe Gunn of the Mighty NF Endurance Team got me started.

For now all that I want to say is: life is (in large part) what you make it and also how you pray about it. For me the challenge of living with deafness (I have NF 2) and doing something about it is a part of my every day. Challenge though awaits all of us; it just comes in different forms.
In life (and I hope this brings smiles) there are adventures to seek, obstacles to overcome, dreams to fulfill, a world to change .... and perhaps most important of all: people to love.

The future is in your hands and in your prayers ... and if you are a member of the NF Endurance Team in your hearts and legs as well!